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The Statistics Department at Oklahoma State University is the only statistics department in the state of Oklahoma.  The department offers courses in both undergraduate and graduate degree programs.  Our graduates are in demand in the areas of:  education, actuarial science, health care, agriculture research, marketing research, money and banking and many more disciplines.



OSU Department of Statistics

301 MSCS (Math Statistics and Computer Sciences)

Stillwater, OK  74078-1056


Office:  405-744-5684

FAX:  405-744-3533


Seminar:  4/24/15   MSCS 310 2:30pm


Tamanna Hossain

Title: fMRI Analysis Using R

Summary: Functional neuralimaging collects neural images over time in order to understand the relationship between mental states and different areas of the brain. It can help detect and treat neural damage and psychological illnesses, develop mind-controlled prosthetic limbs, and also help answer philosophical questions about the nature of consciousness. The purpose of this research is to provide a guide to analyzing fMRI data using R and also to compare detection of neural activity under linear models with temporal independence, and AR(1) and AR(2) autocorrelation structures. Data from a blocked fMRI experiment with a bi-syllabic auditory stimulus conducted at the University College London is used.


Cherlinca Boyd

Title: The Real Underdog: You vs Random Selection 

Abstract: In the world of sports, competition is the underlying motivation. This mentality can be applied when participating in NCAA March Madness basketball pools. The form of basketball pool this research utilizes is a point-based system. The way to win this particular form of basketball pool is to have the most wins according to a selected number of teams whose collective cost is less than or equal to some set value. The objective is to determine whether a randomly generated selection of teams will beat out tactically selected teams. It is expected that, on average, randomly generated team combinations will produce an equal amount of wins as the strategically selected teams. 



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