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 Welcome to the OSU Department of Statistics

The Statistics Department at Oklahoma State University is the only statistics department in the state of Oklahoma.  The department offers courses in both undergraduate and graduate degree programs.  Our graduates are in demand in the areas of:  education, actuarial science, health care, agriculture research, marketing research, money and banking and many more disciplines.

OSU Department of Statistics
301 MSCS (Math Statistics and Computer Sciences)
Stillwater, OK  74078-1056
Office:  405-744-5684
FAX:  405-744-3533

Position Announcement:  Tenure Track Assistant Professor Beginning August 2018 

Interested in a Statistics degree from OSU?

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Seminar:  Friday, November 17, 2017 


MSCS 310

Seminars for GTAs and Others: The Effects of Ambiguity

Dr. Adam Molnar, Dept. of Statistics 

Abstract: When deciding how to teach statistics, instructional experts make choices about topics and definitions. In many cases, those choices are universal, but not all. The first part of this talk examines situations where lack of consensus exists in courses taught at Oklahoma State. The second part of this talk describes lexical ambiguity, when a term has different meaning in statistics than in another context, such as mathematics or everyday life. For both lack of consensus and lexical ambiguity, there are actions that can reduce the negative effects of ambiguity; such actions will be described.




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