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Welcome to the OSU Department of Statistics


The Statistics Department at Oklahoma State University is the only statistics department in the state of Oklahoma.  The department offers courses in both undergraduate and graduate degree programs.  Our graduates are in demand in the areas of:  education, actuarial science, health care, agriculture research, marketing research, money and banking and many more disciplines.



OSU Department of Statistics

301 MSCS (Math Statistics and Computer Sciences)

Stillwater, OK  74078-1056


Office:  405-744-5684

FAX:  405-744-3533


Statistics Seminar:  February 5, 2016, 2:30pm MSCS 310


Seminars for GTAs: Classroom Activities

Adam Molnar

A classroom activity is different than a practice problem; it involves student participation in something beyond a potential exam question. College courses tend to use fewer activities than K-12 schools due to time and pedagogical considerations, but properly chosen and implemented activities can provide valuable perspectives. In this seminar, I will discuss when one might use activities, things to consider when examining potential ideas, and then work through parts of two tasks I have used in introductory courses.






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