Prospective Students

Interested in the Graduate Program at OSU?

1.  Go to .  
Here you will find required University application materials
and information.

2.  Additionally the Department of Statistics requires all applicants to fill out a department application.  Select the appropriate form for you:
     Domestic Student Application   
     International Student Application

3.  Contact the Statistics Graduate Coordinator for more information about the graduate program and the availability of graduate assistantships.


Interested in the Undergraduate Bachelor of Science Degree at OSU?

1.  Go to for the
most up-to-date application information. 

2.  Contact the Statistics Undergraduate Coordinator for more information about the program and career opportunities in statistics.

 3.  The Department of Statistics is in the College of Arts and Sciences.  Go to 

for more information about scholarships, advising, and other services the College offers students.


Dr. Joshua D. Habiger
Associate Professor of Statistics &
Statistics Graduate Coordinator 



Dr. Carla L. Goad
Professor of Statistics & 
Statistics Undergraduate Coordinator

Dr. Habiger and Dr. Goad are both available at:  

Dept of Statistics
301 Math Sciences
Stillwater, OK  74078-1056