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  Undergraduate Program                          


Bachelor's Degree - a four-year degree program. Students can choose from four Bachelor of Science degree options in Statistics.

The undergraduate program in statistics is an ideal choice for the person who desires an education with a foundation in mathematics, computing, and information management.  Statisticians are concerned with the collection, analysis, and interpretation of data and work collaboratively with people from a broad range of disciplines.  Our undergraduate degree program reflects this diversity. A degree in statistics provides a student a solid foundation in mathematics and develops computer skills.  A student completing the undergraduate degree will have a sound working knowledge of statistics.  The undergraduate degree also provides opportunities for a student to learn statistical applications in an outside field of study of his/her choice.  The Business Essentials, Data Science, and Actuarial Science options outline the courses needed to excel in these disciplines. Many of our undergraduate students are able to complete a second major or a minor in that selected field.  

Undergraduate Minors in . . .    

. . . Statistics - 25 hours of Statistics and Mathematics courses required for the Statistics minor.   Many students in the mathematical sciences or the business program strengthen their degree with a minor in Statistics.

. . . Applied Statistics - 15 hours of Statistics methods courses. There is no calculus requirement for this academic minor.

. . . Statistical Data Science - 18 hours, 12 hours of Statistics methods courses plus 6 hours of database management. There is no calculus requirement for this academic minor.  


For questions about an undergraduate degree in Statistics, contact

Cara Brun, Senior Academic Advisor
213 Life Sciences East

Dr. Carla L. Goad, Professor and Undergraduate Coordinator
301 Math, Statistics, and Computer Sciences (MSCS)

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  Graduate Program                




Visit with an advisor to learn more about the program

Dr. Joshua D. Habiger
301 Math Sciences
Oklahoma State University
(405) 744-5684 


Masters Degree in Statistics - a two-year graduate program for those who have first earned a bachelor's degree.  The successful program applicant will have strong grades in Calculus (up through Multivariate Calculus), Linear Algebra, and at least one computer programming course.  A bachelor's degree in Statistics, Mathematics, or another discipline requiring this mathematical background and the general GRE are required.

Masters Degree in Applied Statistics - a completely online program emphasizing statistical applications.  Admission requirements are multivariate calculus, a computing course, and the general GRE.  This degree is not an acceptable prerequisite for the Doctoral degree listed below.
Each of the courses in this online program will have a video component for the lecture material. Depending upon the course and instructor, you will also need a testing center at a nearby university to take paper based exams for some courses or use a proctoring service such as Examity for other courses. OSU has a course management system that you will log into to get your course materials, take quizzes, and you will also be able to upload assignments when requested to do so.
Students finish the degree entirely online. For the creative component, you and your advisor will communicate via email, or perhaps using Skype or a similar video conference tool.

Graduate Minor in Statistics - for those graduate students who take multiple statistics courses while completing a degree in another area of study

Doctoral Degree - a four year program (depending upon prerequistes and scheduling) in mathematical statistics.

To apply, one must go to the website for the Graduate College at OSU and complete the online application process.

Many students receive assistantships, both at the Masters and Doctoral levels.

Through the generosity of the Gaute Vik Family, the Department is also able to offer outstanding applicants additional fellowships. Financial awards to outstanding current students are also available.


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