Degree Programs

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  Undergraduate Program                          


Bachelor's Degree - a four-year degree program.

The undergraduate program in statistics is an ideal choice for the person who desires an education with a foundation in mathematics, computing, and information management.  Statisticians are concerned with the collection, analysis, and interpretation of data and work collaboratively with people from a broad range of disciplines.  Our undergraduate degree program reflects this diversity. A degree in statistics provides a student a solid foundation in mathematics and develops computer skills.  A student completing the undergraduate degree will have a sound working knowledge of statistics.  The undergraduate degree also provides opportunities for a student to learn statistical applications in an outside field of study of his/her choice.  By integrating an outside field of study into the degree program, many of our undergraduate students are able to complete a second major or a minor in that selected field.  

Undergraduate Minor in Statistics    - 25 hours of Statistics and Mathematics courses required for the Statistics minor.   Many students in the mathematical sciences or the business program strengthen their degree with a minor in Statistics.


  Graduate Program                




Masters Degree in Statistics - a two-year graduate program for those who have first earned a bachelor's degree.  The successful program applicant will have strong grades in Calculus (up through Multivariate Calculus), Linear Algebra, and at least one computer programming course.  A bachelor's degree in Statistics, Mathematics, or another discipline requiring this mathematical background and the general GRE are required.

Masters Degree in Applied Statistics - a completely online program emphasizing statistical applications.  Admission requirements are multivariate calculus, a computing course, and the general GRE.  This degree is not an acceptable prerequisite for the Doctoral degree listed below.

Graduate Minor in Statistics - for those graduate students who take multiple statistics courses while completing a degree in another area of study

Doctoral Degree - a four year program (depending upon prerequistes and scheduling) in mathematical statistics.