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Oklahoma State University
Department of Statistics
Graduate Minor in Statistics

PREREQUISITES:    MATH 2144 & 2153 (Calculus I and II)

REQUIREMENTS:    A minimum of 18 hours in statistics - no more than 6 transfer hours
            STAT 4203 Mathematical Statistics I or STAT 5123 Probability
            STAT 4213 Mathematical Statistics II or STAT 5223 Inference 

plus 12 other hours selected from STAT 4043 Regression and all STAT 5000-6000 level courses excluding STAT 5013 Statistics for Experimenters I. 
MATH 5133, IEM 5133, and MATH 5113 are permitted to count towards the 12 hours as these classes are cross-listed with statistics courses.
A partial list appears below. 
Doctoral level theory courses are not included in this list.

Course Semester   Course Semester
4043 Regression F, S   5063 Multivariate Methods S
5023 Statistics for Exp. II F, S, U   5073 Categorical Data Analysis S even

5033 Nonparametric Methods

F odd,
U even

5133 Stochastic Processes

S (even by STAT)

5043 Sample Survey Methods

F even, U odd

5303 Experimental Design

5053 Time Series F   5323 Linear Models I F
      5333 Linear Models II S