Tamer M. Elbayoumi

 Elbayoumi    Visiting Assistant Professor

Department of Statistics
Oklahoma State University
301 MSCS Bldg
Stillwater, OK 74078-1056



Research Interests:  Spatial Statistics, Non-parametric and Parametric Economics Time Series Models, Neural Networks




Elbayoumi. T. (2014),” Asymptotic Distribution of Weighted-L1 Estimate for the Bifurcating Autoregressive Model” submitted to Statistics and Probability Letters, under review


Elbayoumi. T., and Terpstra, J. (2014),” Weighted L1-Estimates for the First-Order Bifurcating Autoregressive Model” accepted and will appear in Communications in Statistics - Simulation and Computation.


Elkadiri. R., Sultan. M, Youssef. A. M., Elbayoumi. T., Chase. R., Bulkhi. .A. B., and Al-Katheeri M. M. (2014) “A Remote Sensing-Based Approach for Debris-Flow Susceptibility Assessment Using Artificial Neural 
Networks and Logistic Regression Modeling”  accepted and will appear in IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing


Terpstra, J.T., and Elbayoumi, T. (2012), “A Law of Large Numbers for a Bifurcating Process with an Infinite Moving Average Representation” Statistics and Probability Letters, 82, 123-129.


Elbayoumi,T. M. and Mahllawy M. T. (2004), "Analyzing Egyptian Stock Returns by Generalized Linear Regression Models.” The Egyptian Journal of Commercial Studies, 28 (3), 5-11.